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MAKÈZ Levitation

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HeistからデビューしたアムステルダムのデュオMAKÈZがLET'S PLAY HOUSEから12インチリリース。ART OF NOISEなんかのシンセサイザーのサイエンスを受け継ぐ、アブストラクトなユニークサウンドスケープ。

電子音楽のユニークさに、ブギー、ファンク・サンプル、アフロビートやトライバル・リズム、様々なエッセンスが垣間見れるユニークな5 TRACKS。MAKÈZ今作もいい。これもリズムがユニークです。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Blue Islandsample
A2.Red Islandsample
B1.Kimosabe - If We Were Children Again (Makèz Rework)sample
B2.More Visionssample

Our first adventure with Makèz concludes with Levitation, the sequel to Elevation, their first EP for LPH, which we released on Valentine's Day this year. With this five-tracker, the slinky funk is back, but now it has an added layer of sensual, late-night, richly-detailed disco that slowly heats up over the course of the flight.

The A side is a more contemplative affair, the soundtrack to dancing alone, under moonlight in a cobblestone courtyard or a jumbo disco ball in a freshly-mopped club; it prompts you to close your eyes and dive deep within. The other side is the community side, the overcapacity-party side, the collective-consciousness side, one big-room, sprawling anthem with razzle-dazzle diva vocals in the middle, one beachy, tropical affair that's an all-smiles comedown for the high.



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