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VARIOUS Turn It Loose, Ain’t No Good - Savoy Gospel 1970-1979

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【ストック】最も偉大なゴスペルレーベル、名門SAVOYの70年代、 Gospelにスポットを当てたHONEST JONSからの3部作第2弾。

1940年代にスタートし初期のビバップの隆盛に重要な役割を果たし、Rythm & Blues、Soul、そしてゴスペルにシフトしていく名門SAVOY70年代にスポットを当てたHONEST JONSからの3部作第2弾。ニューソウルやファンクの流れを受けた70sSAVOY。そのほとんどがリイシューされていない、入手困難な78rpm、7inch、12inch、そしてLPから集められた録音。NUPHONIC創設者の一人、ゴスペルのオーソリティーDave Hill、 Cultures Of Soulでのゴスペル・ディスコの仕事でも知られるGreg Belson、HONEST JON'S創設者の一人Mark Ainleyによるコンパイル。JGM(The Journal of Gospel Music)のRobert M. Marovichがライナーノーツを手掛けたインサートシート。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.The Artistic Sounds - Give It Upsample
A2.The Holy Lights Of Baltimore, Md - I'll Be Satisfiedsample
A3.The Swan Silvertones - Trust In Godsample
A4.Gene Martin - A Little Bit Of Faithsample
A5.Myrna Summers - Have A Talk With Godsample
B1.James Cleveland And The Southern California Community Choir - I Want To Thank You Mastersample
B2.Betty Hollins - What A Time (When All God's Children Get Together)sample
B3.The Metro Tones - Get Togethersample
B4.The World Wonders - He Made A Waysample
B5.The Brooklyn Skyways - Dark Cloudssample
C1.Sister Ida Maxey - Do Lordsample
C2.The Thornes Trio - You Don't Love Godsample
C3.Mildred Clark And The Melody-Aires - Hold On, I'm Comingsample
C4.The Highway Q.c.s - If You Fail, Try Againsample
C5.The Gospelaires Of Dayton, Ohio - What Will Tomorrow Bringsample
D1.The Holy Lights Of Baltimore, Md - Keep On Singingsample
D2.The Exciting Supreme Highlights - Drowning In The Sea Of Sinsample
D3.James Moore - I Thank You Mastersample
D4.Prof. Charles Taylor And The Charles Taylor Singers - Been Good To Mesample
D5.The Brockington Ensemble - God Is God (He Won't Change)sample

The second volume brings sublime crossings of gospel with the soul, funk and jazz of the Black Power era. Twenty rapturous cuts dot dazzlingly between Muscle Shoals soul, screwed breakbeat, Mizells-style fusion, disco and proto-house. Triumphant re-workings of Sly Stone, Donny Hathaway and Herbie Hancock’s Head Hunters will have listeners throwing their pew cushions into the air.

Full-size booklet; beautifully designed, with stunning, rare photographs and original Savoy artwork.



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