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VARIOUS COMMUNITY - 15 Years of Jazz & Milk

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素晴らしいミュージシャン等が集うミュンヘンのDUSTY主宰JAZZ&MILK RECORDINGSの15周年記念のコンピレーション。入荷しています!どれも良いですがSAM IRLのじわじわ良さが滲みでる「Changes」(sample2)、ユニークリズムのFEATER 「Cosmic Dust」(sample3)など推しです!

ポスト・フューチャージャズ、ミュンヘン、ウィーンのシーンのミュージシャン等によるコミュニティーJAZZ&MILK RECORDINGSの15周年を記念してコンピレーションリリース。STILETTI-ANAとのSKYMAXやパルシンガーとのデュオ等でも活躍するSAM IRI,レーベル主DUSTY、オーストラリア、メルボルンから、ZIGGY ZEITGEIST、 WAYNE SNOWのコラヴォレーション、STEVE SPACEKも参加。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

1.BONGANI GIVETHANKS - Indoda (African Repraise) (4:12)sample
3.SAM IRL - Changes (6:20)sample
4.STEVE SPACEK - Do U Want My Lov (3:30)sample
5.FEATER - Cosmic Dust (6:20)sample
6.ÀBáSE - Fallen Statues (5:58)sample

2020 sees Jazz & Milk celebrating its 15th anniversary! Since 2005 the label, founded by Dusty, offers an experimental playground for international artists that share a passion for organic and soulful dance music. Many legendary club nights and over 30 releases later, Jazz & Milk has become a household name amongst the eclectic music imprints. The focus has always been to transcend genres, including a broad spectrum of styles ranging from jazz, soul, brazil, afrobeat to house, broken beat and electronic music. For this very special occasion, the label presents six exclusive tracks by the likes of Steve Spacek, Àbáse, Sam Irl, Feater, Bongani GiveThanks and Moe Fabrik - the club focused collaborative moniker of Wayne Snow, Ziggy Zeitgeist and StyleBoi 92.

With this compilation project, Jazz & Milk is not only celebrating an illustrious 15 years of operation. The label also wants to take the opportunity to highlight the importance of 'community', at a time when racism, greed, injustice and a deadly pandemic are jeopardizing our ability to harmoniously exist with one another.
Peace, Love & (Comm)Unity!



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