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ジャイルス・ピーターソン主催のオンライン・フェス'We Out Here'でのパフォーマンスも話題を呼んだメルボルンのシンセサイザー奏者/プロデューサーFINN IRREGULAR。

MATTHEW HAYESや、39/70にも参加しているRara Zuluをはじめとするシンガーをフィーチャリング。 メルボルンのシンセサイザー・ブギー/ファンク、R&B、80s、ねじれ、DIY、ニューエイジ感も加わった注目のサウンド。狂っているに違いないと思います。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

1.Summer Rainssample
3.Stationed In The Skysample
4.Find A Waysample

Summer Rains is the debut EP from producer, beat-smith, and multi-instrumentalist Finn Irregular. Originally from North London, moving to Australia in 2014 saw Finn find a creative home within the vibrant city of Melbourne, (Naarm).

Taking influence from across the spectrums of jazz, hip-hop, broken beat and R'n'B; his fresh and modern production style employs analogue synths, drum machines, and live instrumentation to create an EP rich in texture, united by the theme of positive summer vibrations.

Title track ‘Summer Rains’ is formed of two sections - day & night. After the unmistakeable introduction, good friend and collaborator, Rara Zulu, effortlessly showcases her expressive but soothing vocals with a cheerfully wistful throwback to remembering the summer rains. Transitioning to ‘night’ Cazeuax O.S.L.O. executes his trademark poetic flow, teleporting you under the starts to the scene of a late night beach jam.

Following in coherent succession, ‘Waves’ is a downtempo instrumental house track. A constant ebb and flow of arpeggiated synths and lush pads capture, and turn you within the ocean swell.

‘Stationed In The Sky’ blends the work of an analogue drum machine with deep bass and jazzy chords. Anchored by a sweet-yet-purposeful rap from Hayku Kyah, it segues into a chorus that lifts into a cascading symphony of lush vocals by CD, neatly demonstrating another side to Finn’s diverse and unique production style.

Rounding of the EP is ‘Find A Way.’ Featuring the calming vocals of Rara Zulu, it’s an exuberant commingle of neo-soul and R’n’B, maintaining a vibrant sense of nostalgia with Finn’s contained production and Rara’s stylized delivery.



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