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ZONGAMIN O! Versions

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2018年にEP「O!」で復活を遂げた奇才ギタリストZONGAMIN、MULTI CULTIから「O! Versions」がリリースされました。dubbed-out reworks 。

「DNA Mutation」以外は全てオルタナイトなダブ・バージョン、「Cosmic Serpent」のメロディーラインを残しながらトライバルなビート、うねるベースラインのオブキュアなダンストラックに昇華した「Serpent Dub」、NO WAVE、NEW WAVE FUNKの「Paramid Dub」等、奇才ぶり健在のミュータントなダンストラック。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.High Tension Dubsample
A2.Serpent Dubsample
A3.DNA Mutationsample
B1.Fractal Dubsample
B2.Paramid Dubsample
B3.Nonstop Outro T.I.M.E.sample

Zongamin returns with dubbed-out reworks of his 'O!' EP. Cult artist Susumu Mukai brings us into the fun-house of his musical process, re-playing and reworking his EP back-to-front, a far-out journey to the beginning of his last EP, an elliptical meditation on creation itself.

Giving space to the strangeness, allowing the music to bend and warp while somehow managing to hold the centre. These are cosmic explorations, as inwardly rewarding as they are outwardly groovy.



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