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KITCHEN CYNICS Beads Upon An Abacus

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知られていなかったアウトサイダーな孤高のアーチストの系譜に新たな天才が発掘。〈THE TRILOGY TAPES〉からスコットランド、アバディーンのカセットレーベル〈LES ENFANTS DU PARADIDDLE〉でリリースを続けたALAN DAVIDSONのプロジェクトKITCHEN CYNICS。右耳と左耳で捉えた音の狭間に産まれる世界。素晴らしいです。推薦!

80年代後半からカセットでもリリースを続けるスコットランド、アバディーンのDIYなエクスペリメンタル・フォークギタリストALAN DAVIDSONのKITCHEN CYNICSをTHE TRILOGY TAPESがアナログ・リリース。BEN UFOやBEATRICE DILLON、WILL BANKHEADとも交流深いサンフランシスコのエクスペリメンタル・テクノアーチストJACK MURPHYがコンパイル。オーバーダブされた即興のエレクトロニック、ギター、ピアノ、声。イマジナリーなサウンドストーリー。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Theme For Gwensample
A2.Dr Guildsample
A3.Mistress Forsyth's Jumpsample
A5.Persian Carpet In Reversesample
B1.Dr MacQueen Feeds The Media Frenzysample
B2.Phosphorus Tenementsample
B3.Bluetit Babiessample
B4.Beads Upon An Abacussample
B5.The Entrepreneurssample

Most of the songs were recorded in my flat on cassette or digital four track recorders, although a couple were done in my much-lamented studio above a morgue in The Anatomy Rooms.

Compiled By Jack Murphy.

01. Theme For Gwen
I think I had Gwen John in my head when I did this wee tune… but it might have been my great-auntie Gwen in London who my granny considered rather racy (she drank and swore), but I liked a lot.

02. Dr Guild
Just along the road from my flat there is an old horse drinking-fountain dedicated to this 19th century physician and benefactor.

03. Mistress Forsyth’s Jump
Based loosely on my granny’s tales of her teenage years, and the cold winters living as a farm servant.

04. Holburning
A piano improvisation done with Susan Matthew (high notes) as we looked out onto Hoburn Street one snowy morning.

05. Persian Carpet In Reverse
I liked the idea that Persian carpets always have a deliberate flaw, because nothing should be perfect. I reckoned life was the opposite… mostly flawed, but with occasional perfect bits.

07. Dr MacQueen Feeds The Media Frenzy
In 1964 my city was hit by a typhoid outbreak. Dr Ian MacQueen gave daily updates to the press on deaths and infections. I was happy because the schools were shut.

08. Phosphorous Tenement
A potpourri of words which appeal to me, no more.

09. Bluetit Babies
An instrumental I recorded one afternoon, after seeing baby bluetits sitting in a row on a branch, whilst on my morning walk.

10. Beads Upon An Abacus
About Ada Lovelace, the daughter of Lord Byron. The guitar pattern is played by Jess Yong.

11. The Entrepreneurs
I was getting thoroughly pissed off with Conservative values, and people using and abusing others.



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