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TOM TRAGO You Deserve Better

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オランダRUSHHOUR周辺TOM TRAGOの新作。原点回帰、90s UKエレクトロにも通じるようなエレクトロニックサウンドの艶かしさ、リズミック・サウンド・トランス、コズミック・グルーヴがあって素晴らしいです。

オランダ北西部海岸沿いの静かな街ベルゲンにスタジオを構えスタートしたTOM TRAGOのニューレーベルJONG NEDERLANDの第2弾。ロウファイなドラムマシーンのビート、シンセサウンド、スペイシーをモチーフに即興的に描いた「From Above」、ローズピアノ的な鍵盤フレーズがポコポコとやわらかくグルーヴする「Young Janet」B-SIDEは、TB303、アシッドなベースライン、8分に渡るタイトル曲「You Deserve Better」。ダブワイズなスペーシーイタロ「Passenger Seat」。アナログな質感の電子機材で描かれた音世界の魅力。じっくり良い。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.From Abovesample
A2.Young Janetsample
B1.You Deserve Bettersample
B2.Passenger Seatsample

Earlier this year, Tom Trago established the DIY label Jong Nederlands as a vehicle for the improvised, straight-to-tape tracks he records every day at his home studio in Bergen, a sleepy town on the Netherlands’ North West coast. His intention was to surprise and inspire in equal measure, delivering emotive musical material crafted with a small selection of electronic instruments, drumcomputers and effects units.

It's down to this ethos that no two label releases follow the same direction – as listeners will discover when they tune in to this speedy sequel to JNL001, which hit stores early in the year. Opener “From Above” is poignant and melancholic, with bittersweet synth-strings, spacey motifs and bubbly lead lines riding a lo-fi drum machine groove, while the track that follows, “Young Janet”, offers warmth in morning-fresh musical sunshine via rich Rhodes motifs, chunky drums and sparkling synthesizer riffs.

Darkness, and late-night intensity is provided by title-track “You Deserve Better”, a mind-mangling, acid-fired excursion where trippy, razor-sharp TB-303 lines rise above tough but dusty drums and a suitably weighty bassline. Trago’s basement-bothering intent can also be heard loud and clear on the EP’s final excursion, “Passenger Seat”. Here he readies an imaginary starship for take-off, reaching for flighty, Italo-disco style lead lines, increasingly forthright motifs and the kind of crunchy electronic drums that have long been a feature of futuristic and far-sighted machine music.

The sleeves are all hand stamped by Pieter Bijwaard



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