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CRISTOPHER RAU、POLE、Roger Gerressen、Reimut van Bonnのリミックス!

NyraやS.CHGANNEL等の次世代のアーチストもフィーチャリングしながら展開しているライプツィヒのFREUND DER FAMILIE。主宰のデュオの2018年のEPをリミックス。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.PRS (Christopher Rau Remix)sample
A2.CRM (Pole Remix)sample
B1.PRS (Roger Gerressen Remix)sample
B2.CRM (Van Bonn Redub)sample

Freund der Familie invite Christopher Rau, Pole, Roger Gerressen and Van Bonn to remixes cuts from their 2018 ‘Panorama’ EP this February.
Leipzig, Germany’s Freund der Familie, the producer and label name, has long been respected in the world of raw, underground house and techno. The past decade has seen the founders Klaus Rakete & Mirko Hunger unveil a number of releases under the alias, exploring a wide range of styles influenced by dub, leftfield electronica and much more.
Here the label revisits the ‘Panorama’ EP from a few years back, welcoming remixes from some esteemed artists in the industry.
Christopher Rau returns on remix duties following his take on Symbian for FDF005 and also FDFALFA01, this time round Rau delivers a hazy take on ‘PRS’ driven by raw
analogue drums, woozy synths and winding subs. Dub master and Scape mastering head honcho Pole steps up next with his take on ‘CRM’, delivering a typically intricate twist employing expansive swells, snappy percussion and swirling low end tones.
Irenic boss Roger Gerressen delivers his take on ‘PRS’ next, taking a more groove-driven feel with stripped-back drums, ethereal pad textures and crisp bass stabs before Van Bonn wraps up the package, reworking ‘CRM’ with a heavily swung drum groove, menacing synth flutters and a dynamic, ever-evolving feel.



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