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スエーデン・モダン・サイケデリック・ロックKANOT。The Pilotwings リミックスも収録しています.

INVISIBLE, INC.やHÖGA NORD からリリースしている北欧サイケデリックTROSS のANTON KOLBEとスエーデンのメロディックデスメタル、AT THE GATEのヴァイオリン奏者のイェスパー・ヤロルドのニュープロジェクト。オリジナルの2曲、ダンスの感覚もばっちりのトランスロック。かなりかっこいい。ポスト・パレアリック、ヘヴィー・サイケデリック、壮大なトランス・アンビエント絵巻The Pilotwingsのリミックス(sample1)も素晴らしい! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Hit & Runsample
B1.Turbulens (Vidock Matrix Remix)sample
B2.Hit & Run (The Pilotwings Remix)sample

Two years after their first record came out, the crew operating legendary dance nights in Nantes are back on top of the new release pile. Two original tracks by Kanot and two remixes. Overall, their stylistic balance signature is maintained, although the gravity center is a bit more leftfield and poetic, a bit less dance-obvious. But that’s only in comparison to other material: any of the four pieces here can take a dance floor apart, played at the right time.

Hit & Run has a massive “star grabbing” feel, the synth and guitar surges sounding like as many jumps above the stratosphere, and the vocalizing choirs on top making it a definitive cosmic jam.

Turbulens is more earthy than spacy: drum breaks and big ass basslines bring out an irresistible leg shaking feel, the melodic guitars on top balance the vibe into that delicious moment when Caribbean sunsets turn the day into a warm a groovy night, certainly a party starter. The Pilotwings Remix is to the image of their added touch: trancy on edges but very far from easy or obvious. Constantly jumping above and diving under the line, it’s playing greatly with dancers’ feet, and eventually their minds.

Houseman Vidock delivers the most danceable material on this record. His strong experience as a DJ for parties focused on having people dancing freely for a long time is clearly audible. This slo-mo belter doesn’t need much advertisement, it just needs to be played to any dancefloor, be it at midnight or 8 am.



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