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KAMRON SANIEE Euphoric Studies

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世界各地でDIYなアーチスト・レジデンシーを行い創造的交流を行ってきたSVSのレーベルからNYCのKAMRON SANIEE。デジタルなエレクトロ、IDM。

DJ GROUNDも参加したブタペストの倉庫で、4DSOUNDとの共同でアーチスト達が集まり、空間サウンドシステムを共有した2016年のSVS X 4DSOUND CREATIVE LABはじめ、さまざまな場所でのアーチスト・レジデンシーで、創造的交流を行っているSVSのレーベルのニューリリース。TEENGIRL FANTASYのLIOGAN TAKAHASHIやFLAUのSPARROWSともコラヴォレーションしているNYCのアーチストだそうです。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Eutessaron (04:40)sample
A2.Rhythm Force (10:09)sample
A3.Amnion (03:38)sample
B1.Badinage (04:40)sample
B2.Euphoton (05:57)sample
B3.Cha (Bonus Track) (04:15)sample

Positivity. Lucidity. Velocity. In his second solo release, Kamron Saniee presents six animated studies of concentrated, rhythmic electronica – Euphoric Studies – in search of an “everyday euphoria” for the sunlit hours. The works are characterized by a playful yet incisive energy, harkening back to the exuberance of early 2000s post-techno experimentation. Bubbling synthesizer melodies and emergent textural grooves serve to guide listeners towards a lucid, stimulated state. Saniee acknowledges his classical influences on the track ‘Badinage’, in which a theme by Marin Marais played back on the violin is repurposed and diffused into a radiating sonic tapestry. On the 10-minute opus ‘Rhythm Force’, raining percussive elements and drifting, formant harmonies create a prolonged and invigorating environment. The use of overlapping meters in ‘Amnion’ creates a similarly buoyant energy.



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