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CAPTAIN MOSEZ Fly Cherry Fly / Hey! Hey! Hey!

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南アフリカ共和国の80s バブルガム。カラフルなシンセサイザーサウンド。最高な一枚。

バブルガム、クワイトとよばれ、ディスコ、ハウスの影響を受け、南アフリカで発展した、80sアフロハウス、シンセサウンドのスペシャリスト、ヨハネスブルグのDJ Okapiによるマニアック再発レーベルAFROSYNTHから、ヒューマスケら当も手がけた、当時、EMIの専属プロデューサーだったというSelwyn ShandelがプロデュースしたCAPTAIN MOSEZの12"。80sシンセポップの影響もううかがえるようなカラフルなシンセサイザー・プロダクションがフレッシュ。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Fly Cherry Fly (Extended Vocal) (7:13)sample
A2.Fly Cherry Fly (Single) (4:06)sample
B1.Hey! Hey! Hey! (Extended Vocal) (7:20)sample
B2.Hey! Hey! Hey! (Dub Version) (8:24)sample

Re-issued for the very first time. Up until now the Captain Mosez 12" remained a highly sought after S.A. disco obscurity ( apparently going for the big $ on the collector market), but Afrosynth do the right thing in the right way and bring this edition for us all to enjoy.

In 1985 a young musician named Moses Mafiri walked into EMI Studios in Johannesburg. Working with Selwyn Shandel, then one of the label’s prolific in-house producers, the two tracks they recorded – ‘Fly Cherry Fly’ and ‘Hey! Hey! Hey!’ - reflect the range of international influences in South Africa’s burgeoning ‘bubblegum’ sound – Italo disco, electro-funk, even rock.

“I remember Moses as a very quiet, talented and gentle guy. He never really had a great voice but he used to come up with excellent melodies and lyrical concepts,” remembers Shandel today, admitting that he never saw or heard from him again after that session. Mafiri never released as Captain Mosez again, although he would later resurface in the backing band of internationally renowned Vusi Mahlasela.



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