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i-D、DIY Magazine、Clash、Notionなどのメディアから支持を得て脚光をあびたアイリッシュKEAN KAVANAGH のデビューアルバム。

ダブリン・インディー・シーンからのユニークな個性。KOJAQUE - Eviction Notice (feat. Kean Kavanagh でブレイクしたソフト・ラッパーのKojaqueと共にSOFT BOY RECORDSを運営するKEAN KAVANAGH。才能です。犬人間。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Intro (01:22)sample
A2.Roll Over! (04:21)sample
A3.Inspirational Interlude (00:45)sample
A4.Sideways (03:26)sample
A5.Coca Cola Sky (02:39)sample
B1.EMMA (02:29)sample
B2.Patience (01:40)sample
B3.Street Lights (03:47)sample
B4.Snoozie (02:49)sample
B5.Wake Up (03:59)sample

Dog Person is the deserved culmination of a whirlwind few years for Kean Kavanagh. His debut project, the ten-track collection prominently features his aforementioned semi-fictional, cigarette-bumming, binge-drinking, lovestruck alter-ego; a persona with just an echo of his real personality reverberating throughout the record.

Kicking off this year with the delectable “Roll Over!”, Kean returned earlier this month with his new single “EMMA”.
A developed sound, the single delved deeper into Kean’s incredible versatility as an artist - drawing a grittier sound and formulating a high-octane single that wouldn’t sound out of place in a festival headline set. This all served to prove that Kean Kavanagh had firmly stepped into the limelight; garnering support from the likes of i-D, DIY Magazine, Clash, Notion and more.
Cofounder, producer and A&R of Irish Label Soft Boy Records, Kean had previously pulled the strings behind the scenes; but is now becoming one of the most exciting names on the emerging music scene. A story-teller, word-smith and dexterous musician with a strong imagination, Kean’s career is set to project far beyond his Irish roots. .

Founded in 2015, Soft Boy Records morphed into a cultural behemoth that gripped the Irish music scene and has refused to let go - alongside his co-founder Kojaque, Kean found himself sharing stages with big names such as Slow Thai and Lana Del Ray, as well as his consequential solo-slots opening for Maverick Sabre and Vampire Weekend.
Earlier this year, Kean appeared on the Everything is Recorded project ‘FRIDAY FOREVER’, (curated by Richard Russell of XL Recordings) alongside Aitch, Flohio, Maria Somerville, Ghostface Killah and others, and aligning himself with a tastemaker and hot tipped selection of musical peers.
A sensational debut offering showing dexterous musicianship and lyrical magic, Dog Person places Kean as one of the most exciting emerging talents coming through.



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