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FOUK Blue Steel EP

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DANIEL LESEMAN(OUTPLAY)とHANS PEEMAN aka JUNKTION. キレキレのサックス、シンセ、スモーキーな「Blue Steel」筆頭にGIRLS OF THE INTERNETのリミックスも収録。エンターテイメント。

Detroit Swindle as主宰のHEISTから、レギュラーでリリース、フロアでの信頼度も高いオランダのハウスチーム、FOUR。サックス奏者Rebiereをフィーチャリングした「Blue Steel」、ブギー、ディスコサンプルの「Don´t You Want To Boogie」、悪ノリのユニーク・アシッド「Money」のオリジナル3 TRACKS。GIRLS OF THE INTERNETがいいですね。サックスとミニマル、フィルタードサウンド、ユニークな曲(sample1)。じわじわといい感じのテンションで上昇していきます。流石です。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Blue Steelsample
A2.Don´t You Want To Boogiesample
B1.Blue Steel (Girls Of The Internet Remix)sample

Heist Recordings regulars and all-time good guys Fouk are back! Their ‘Blue Steel’ EP is filled with their signature grooves, chords and samples and might surprise a few of you out there. The sound design is top notch as always and there’s some rough edges on these tracks for an added bit of depth and personality. Next to that, the boys collaborated with the talented Dutch saxophone player Rebiere, who features on the title track. The EP holds 3 originals and a beautiful remix by Girls of the Internet. We can assure you that this EP on Heist - their fourth on Heist since their critically acclaimed ‘Kill Frenzy’ EP back in 2015 - is one you don’t want to miss. The EP kicks off with the gritty live jam ‘Blue Steel’, where Rebiere’s saxophone solo is accompanied by a killer bass line and some lovely off-kilter percussion. It’s deep, it’s jazzy and at the same time it’s a track that packs some serious peak-time punch. ‘Don’t you want to Boogie’ ups the tempo and energy and can only be described as a 100% feel good filter-house track. It’s got loops, loops and then some more loops. Mesmerizing, funky and unpretentious: this one is just here to boogie. The B1 is reserved for the low end thump of the Girls of the internet remix of ‘Blue Steel’. After having released his album ‘Girls FM’ only a few months back and a remix compilation for UNKLE, we’re glad he found the time to work on the remix and deliver this gem of a track. GOTI goes for an eyes shut, dancing-in-your-bedroom version with smooth keys accompanying the sax solo. Last but not least, ‘Money’ shows yet another side of Fouk’s sound, where we see the boys throwing in some beefed up disco funk. The tongue-in-cheek vocals and the squeaking acid line recorded over at the Dam Swindle studio together make for a



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