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VARIOUS ARTISTS Sandy Grooves Vol 1 - Part 1

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メキシコからディスコ・ラインのニューレーベルBOOGIE BODEGA。12インチ・リリース!

メキシコシーンの先駆者Tugboat Editsや自身のHOOTMOOD Records等からリリースしているのHotmood、筆頭にNYCのRazor N Tape主宰JKriv、ボリウッドネタのロシアのIgor Gonya、UKベテランPETE HERBERTの強力ディスコダブと、Clean Is GoodというメキシコのDJによる、KONのもチョイスしたレアチューン再発すら高騰しているThe Shider Family Band の「Keep You Burning」のエディット(sample3)も見逃せないです。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Hotmood - Easy Way To Groovesample
A2.Jkriv - Sunshinesample
B1.Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco - Summertime Dubsample
B2.Igor Gonya - Habibidiscosample
B3.Clean Is Good - Keep you Burningsample

Sandy Grooves Vol.1 is the debut compilation release from Boogie Bodega, a newly formed label based in Bali set up by Mexican Disco wizard Sould Out. Comprising of some of the most sought-after producers within the Disco & Edits scene of the last years, Sandy Grooves vol.1 tickles all the Disco senses with something for everyone. From laid back Balearic inspired incarnation to a more uptempo dance floor heaters, this comp focuses on the full spectrum of the Disco & Funk arena.

Opening things up, “Easy Way To Groove'' could not have a better title for the music to match, it's a definite “does what it says on the tin” kind of vibe. Hotmood works his magic once again with this bass led stomper, tidy guitar licks and cinematic string section that’s sure to get butts off seats and wiggling



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