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XL.IKS eobseubnida

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フランス、リオンのニュースクール・IDMレーベルCOMIC SANSから、グルノーブルのアーチストXL.IKSのソロEP。圧巻の世界。

Comic Sans Records からのコンピレーション「Make Comic Sans Great For The First Time」やおくつかのカセットレーベルのコンピに参加してきたXL.IKSのデビューEP。サイバーパンクな世界観、ハードエッジなIDM。VAPOPUR WAVE以降のハイパー、デジタル・エモーショナルなサウンドにも呼応するようなエピックなラストトラックまで5 TRACKS。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.the halfway downsample
A3.dissociative attacksample
B2.odomams2 (super-emo-saw mix)sample

The virgin idealist bedroom producer is buried, now make way for the 4.0 romantic sound designer! After some appearances on various artists, xl.iks unearths his long-time working debut EP and is ready to win the he@rts all around the world with a stunning piece of corrosive-but-sentimental IDM. Entitled "eoseubnida", this record is the result of all the contradictory passions the Grenoble based producer is crossed by. His bad boy tastes for dark, harsh and noisy stuff coexist in harmony with his emo soul interested in flowers, love and birds. In 5 tracks xl.iks expresses this inner duality : tortured beats are enlightened by mellow synths, outdated video games references are bundled up in HD sound design and the whole piece describes the thin line between reality and virtual world. xl.iks definitely belongs to our hypermodern era except the fact that, facing our uncertain future, he prefers to unsheathe the final fantasy sword of poetry rather than the cyberpunk cynism.



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