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MARGEE In My Sleep

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ロンドン、レフトフィールド・ダンス。ロンドンOTHER GOODNESSの第3弾!オリジナル2 TRACKSとDJ NATURE, HARDWAY BROSのリミックス収録!

UNKLEやKRUSTといったUKダンスカルチャーの重要アーチストも手がけるグラフィックデザイナー GEORGE STEWART-LOCKHART主宰のレーベル〈OTHER GOODNESS〉から BAWRUTの2枚のEPに続いて〈MUSIC FOR DREAMS〉にTOMMY GUERREROのリミックスも提供しているフランスのプロデューサーMARGEE。A-SIDEは、ベースが唸るビッドテンポのオリジナル「In My Sleep」と、ブリストル・リビング・レジェンドDJ NATURE(sample2)。飽くなき進化を続けるエレクトロニック、ハウス間違いのないリミックス。B-SIDEは、さらにピッチを落としたプログレッシヴなエレクトロニックジャム。ANDREW WEATHERALLとのパーティー「A LOVE FROM OUTER SPACE」を開催してたSEAN JOHNSTONたちHARDWAY BROTHERSによるリミックス(sample3)を収録!ディープな時間帯にハマりたいドープなダンサーチューン。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.In My Sleepsample
A2.In My Sleep (Dj Nature Remix)sample
B1.Wrong Dreamsample
B2.Wrong Dream (Hardway Bros Cosmic Intervention)sample

In My Sleep is the debut vinyl release from French producer Margee. Having gained a loyal following last summer with a remix for Tommy Guerrero, released on Music For Dreams, this EP showcases his natural ability at creating low-slung, densely layered productions, perfectly aimed at the dancefloor.

The release also features two heavyweight remixes. The first of these comes courtesy of underground House legend DJ Nature, who takes the title track and gives it a completely new twist with his inimitable ‘ruff disco’ stylings. Hailing from Bristol (via New York), recent years have seen Nature release on Futureboogie, Golf Channel and Jazzy Sport.

The second remix on the release comes from Hardway Bros (AKA Sean Johnson). Having been an early champion of Margee’s work on his regular ALFOS streaming marathons, Sean took the second track on the release, Wrong Dream, and went into heavy-dub mode. The resulting remix clocks in at just over 11 minutes and is everything you’d expect from him, and more…

Margee said of the release ‘In My Sleep started while taking a shower. The bassline popped up in my mind and I ran out as quickly as possible to record it. From there, I got pulled into a deep emotional trip with groovy tones and dirty sounds. Wrong Dream is actually a lost project that I had to start over again. It turned out to be more fierce than the first one, experimenting with arps and fuzzy synths, while keeping a certain groove that was easier to reproduce.’

In My Sleep is the second release from London based label Other Goodness, following on from Bawrut’s ‘Divergent Emotions’ EP last year, which quickly became a mainstay of the live-streams and a DJs favourite.



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