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各地のインディペンデントなアーチストと繋がりながら素晴らしいリリースの続くGOOD MORNING TAPESからNYCのJOSIAH WOLFSON。リズミック・アンビエント。ビートを刻みながらじっくりと深みへ潜り込みます。

現代的ニューエイジ、サイケデリック、実験的なアンビエントをベースにエレクトロニック濃厚なリリースで定評のあるGOOD MORNING TAPESから、X OR SIZEのデビュー作。「再生と個人的な精神的成長の継続的なプロセスの結果の作品で、東洋の神秘主義と視覚的実践の側面を自然に吸収して、アンビエント・テクノ・クラシシズムの海綿状の輝かしいスタイルに仕上げている」。アンビエントテクノですが、リズムを刻んでいてオブスキュなダンスフロアでも機能しそう。LPは16分にわたるタイトル曲「Covert ID」(sample1)を含む4曲で構成されたLP。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Urn Stare (Edit)sample
A2.Undevicif (Edit)sample
B1.Covert ID (Edit)sample
B2.O No U Kno Y (Edit)sample

"Effectively the debut proper for NYC’s X Or Size, who also spends his time running the Aeon Bookstore in his home city, ‘Covert ID’ is the result of a durational process of regeneration and personal spiritual growth, naturally absorbing aspects of Eastern Mysticism and his visual practice into a spongiform, radiant style of ambient techno classicism. Beautifully unhurried and languorous, the 4 tracks (7 on the included download) each take all the time they need to unfold in waves of meditative bliss that really found their purpose during a period when the artist was bedridden with injury, and would come to fruition in the early phases of lockdown as a way to focus his energies.

The music is allowed to breathe, lathering incremental shifts of textural layers between rolling and swung dynamics, all helmed by throbs that lull us into its glacial pace. In light of recent social media faff about “ambient” music, it’s clear that the style holds heavy meaning - positive or negative - to many users, and we could happily hold this album up as an example of the sound at its optimistic and practically therapeutic best, connoting and convecting a convincing sense of childlike curiosity and amniotic lushness that’s hard to shake once felt. For the dancefloor or bedroom, this one’s a burner." - Boomkat



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