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ワシントンDC、〈FUTURE TIMES〉からのカセットリリース。ラッパーSIR E.U。

ジャンルを超えてワシントンDCと彼らが繋がる各地のアンダーグラウンド素晴らしいサウンドを送り届けるFUTURE TIMESから主宰のMAX Dがトラックを担当してデジタルオンリーでリリースしていたSir E.Uとトラックメーカーの TOOTH CHOIR。THUGなラップ、KUSH JONESにもつうじるような変速ステップからサイケデリックなエレクトロニックの展開が鳥肌ものの「Hey Mom」で幕開け、アーリーシカゴの荒くれるアシッドサウンド、RAWマシーンビートで展開していきます。最高。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

1.Hey Mom (03:37)sample
2.Turn It Up! (ft. Cal Rips) (06:56)sample
3.How Much Longer (Until We Go Get Em) (04:18)sample
4.Untitled (2 Much) (13:22)sample
5.End Of Time (07:06)
6.MUA (05:25)
7.I Can't Stop Thinkin Bout My Baby (21:08)sample

Future Times is elated to announce our next release, the album Bop 3 from Sir E.U + Tooth Choir.

Sir E.U is one of the best. He has modes aplenty, ranging from classic rap music to collaborations with DC’s dance and electronic music producers. This album finds him in duo mode, every beat by the formidable Tooth Choir, for a new classic entry. Bop 3 is a scuzzed-out rap masterpiece.

Tooth Choir’s beats range from the acid house bang of “Turn It Up! (ft. Cal Rips)” to the piano dream state of the closer “Can’t Stop Thinking Bout My Baby,” in which E.U goes galactic for 20 minutes of purely-bared soul. “End Of Time” sounds like Jungle Wonz with the ions reversed, some sort of Chicago House-indebted nightmare funk. “Hey Mom” and “Untitled (2 Much)” dig into a post-punk and wave angle, evocative of everything from Robert Hood and Sleeparchive to Joy Division and other reverb scroungers. Sir E.U compliments this fully, with a surprising range of melody and bizarro hooks, as in the demented pop highlights “MUA” and “How Much Longer (Until We Go Get Em).”

The sheer sonics of his voice and breadth of his expression, which he is manipulating and re-inventing constantly throughout Bop 3, are wonderful on their own, but Sir E.U is also straight up one of the greatest rappers doing it today; his styles and flows are constantly stunning, and each EP or track release via his own channels becomes a fountain of inspiration for anybody rapping right now. You can hear E.U in many rappers today, well beyond his local Washington DC. Bop 3 is a full-length exploration of the potent duo of Sir E.U + Tooth Choir, in sync to a serious degree, making some of the wildest rap music imaginable.



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