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VARIOUS ARTISTS One Swallow Doesn't Make A Summer Part 4

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〈RUNNING BACK〉のレーベルサンプラー”One Swallow Doesn't Make A Summer”第4弾!LARRY TIGERや9th HOUSE、ほぼ無名のアーチストたちも収録した5トラックス。

SHALL NOT FADE等で注目された9TH HOUSEや、TIGER WOODSのVALERIO DELPHI(LARRY TIGER)のソロ、CA$HMINUSのELUIZEをフィーチャリングした、イタリアの次世代YUNGRUZT等が参加しています。ラストのSignal Mute、フルのYOUTUBE貼りました。是非チェックをしてみてください。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Yungruzt Feat. Eluize - Starlightsample
A2.Baldo - Human Connectionsample
B1.9Th House - Arasample
B2.Delphi - 7_11 Housesample
B3.Signal Mute - Reminiscencesample

Swallow this: Part 4 of the Running Back various artists series here and as always, there is no long reading needed: 5 tracks by 5 different producers with different backgrounds and experiences. All somehow fit together and paint a bigger picture between remodeled deep house techniques and floor mechanics. Yungruzt feat Eluize opens the dance with the emo-house poem Starlight. The young man managed to deliver a transcendental masterpiece that is best used for coming up - or down, if you will. A Human Connection is being made next by Baldo. Imagined and made for high times, the Barcelona mainstay applies a tried and tested formula isn’t failing here either: 303 morse codes, break beats and an on going automated voice message do the trick. The man like 9th House goes back to the deep with the yearning and beautifully composed piece Ara, while Tiger & Woods co-author Delphi trades the boogie and disco tropes for heartfelt piano house. Last but not least, new talent Signal Mute pushes it over the finishing line with another tearjerker. Shared joy is double joy!



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