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JOEY QUIÑONES For You (Colour Vinyl)

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西海岸スィートソウル、ロウライダー、チカーノソウル大人気のTHEE SINSEERSのリーダーJOEY QUIÑONESがCOLEMINE RECORDSからソロリリース。DERRICK HARRIOTTやCARLTON & THE SHOESなどの魅力を受け継ぐヴィンテージ、ジャマイカンと、チカーノ、ロウライダーソウルのヒップな魅力が入り混じった最良の一枚!ランダムなカラーバイナル、当方のストックは赤のカラーバイナル、ピンクのマーブルの盤。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.For You (3:22)sample
B.On Taitt St. (3:54)sample

As the leader of the modern Chicano soul outfit, Thee Sinseers, and releasing a string of singles as a solo artist, Joey Quiñones and his crew have recently been ushering in a new era of modern soul. It is the type of music that shares a genesis with the birth of soul and R&B sounds emitted from the classic lowrider cruising down Whittier Boulevard to the sunshine-y vibes of traditional ska and dancehall reggae. And with his debut 45 on Colemine, Quiñones shows that he's adept at not just the slow and low, but also the mellow sounds of early reggae. We are proud to present "For You" by the ever-sweet and oh-so-talented Mr. Joey Quiñones.



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