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Early Sounds Recordings周辺、ナポリシーン人気のMYSTIC JUNGLEが自身たちのレーベルPERIODICA RECORDSから5曲入りのEPで復活!

シーンの中心的存在の一人DARIO DI PACEに、WHODAMANNY、MILORD、PARBLEUのANDRES BALBUCEA、NU GUINEAの二人ンなどMYSTIC JUNGLE TRIBEなメンバーが参加して、全編ヴォーカルをフィーリングしたブギー、エレクトロニック・ディスコ。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Don't Stop Your Lovesample
A2.Get Down On Itsample
B1.Hold On Your Dreamssample
B2.Money Wondersample
B3.Keep Alive This Firesample

Mystic Jungle makes a much-awaited return with Deviant Disco, a new 12” of sun-soaked groovers released through Periodica Records. A culmination of several years of writing, vibing, and influence mining, these compositions represent the producer’s most varied and expansive works yet, and to fully realize his vision, Mystic Jungle invited the entire West Hill Studio crew to contribute narcotizing layers of pop vocal mesmerism, and additional touches of guitar, bass, percussion, and synth.

Strains of Italo disco, balearic boogie, and freaky funk are interspersed amidst passages of Nigerian highlife, soft focus AOR, kinetic Hi-NRG, and exotic lover’s rock, resulting in a personalized voyage through a paradise of sound, one that is unmoored from the concerns of modernity, and celebrates instead a hedonistic naivety, and a desire to dance all day in spiritual ecstasy.



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