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MARCELUS Vibrations

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現在NO WARを掲げウクライナのための募金活動も展開中のベルリンTRESORから、Marcelusの2016年のアルバム、名作がリプレス。

自身が主催するSingular Recordsも展開しているMARCELUSの2016年の唯一のアルバム。円周率と黄金比の数学的なデータが曲の構成に練り込まれているという、オールドスクールなサイエンスフィクション、エレクトロニック・ミュージックのディープな世界。ベルリンのテクノとか苦手な人にこそ聴いて欲しいです。名盤。(ジャケット裏に2か所角折れがありますので、値下げでのご提供です。予めご了承下さい。) (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Initial Sensesample
B1.Steel Drums (Take 2)sample
D1.Funky Datassample
E1.Meta Jamsample
E2.Same Where, Different Whensample
F1.Jungle Electroniquesample
F2.Fear Is Gonesample

Unshakable integrity, adamant dedication and multi-faceted creativity are all characteristics that define the personality of french electronic artist Marcelus.

Following an already fluent relationship with music and a string of single releases on Tresor Records, Marcelus - given name Cedric Bros - thought it would be the opportune moment to dive into his most intimate inspirations and produce Vibrations, his debut album.

This full length project naturally came at a pivotal moment for Marcelus, his experiences and knowledge coming together to create a homogenous body of work reflective of his expertise as a musician so far.

Vibrations is purposefully techno oriented. It is a personal journey through his proficiency in the genre, travelling from techno to house inspired dub techno to futuristic and experimental by the end of the three vinyls.
To calculate the dark, nonetheless melancholic energy of the record, mathematical datas of Pi and Phi were deliberately measured into some parts of the composition of various tracks. The result is an ever-evolving web of rhythms that redefines pre-established structures.



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