• 12inch


  • Cat No: CURLE051
  • 2015-01-06


12inch1650 JPY


ベルギーのオブスキュア・テクノレーベルCURLE RecordingsからベルリンのLACKREC.中心的アーチストPABLO MATEO。

Track List

INFO We first noticed Pablo Mateo on the Muting The Noise store. They distributed LackRec., the label he co-founded about a year ago. Before we got the chance to check out the 12" we bought, he sent us some demo's. So either that's some serious data mining or a fantastic coincidence ;-) Among the ton of demo's there was lots of different stuff, and that's why the EP tracklist turned out pretty diverse too. From techno to house and back, or "Berlin House" as Pablo likes to call it himself. Furthermore, Pablo's also involved in Liit and the first two EP's on 777 Recordings. Expect to hear lots more from this super talented producer. FEEDBACK early support from: Move D: good stuff! Dj Qu: oh nice. Curle. thanks for sending. Bicep: awesome thanks man Kr!z (Token): sounds good Alex.Do (Dystopian): tolle platte! I like the first and third track a lot! Massimiliano Pagliara: Grossartig!! <3 <3 <3 Edward (Giegling/White): ooohhh sau geil thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Oliver Bauer (Robert Johnson): top platte Midland: thank you Marcel Dettmann: tnx

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