• 12inch

This Is What I m Going Through EP

  • Cat No: WOLFEP046
  • 2020-05-28


12inch1590 JPY

WOLF MUSICから、WEST LONDON/BROKEN BEATSのソウル/ジャズ・サイドを受けつぐようなポルトガルのPEDROと女性シンガーJENNA CAMILLE。ゆったり浮遊する洗練のコズミック・アフロビート。推薦!

充実のリリースが続くロンドンのハウス・レーベルWOLF MUSICから、ポルトガルのプロデューサーPEDRO、ワシントンDCの女性シンガーJENNA CAMILLEをフィーチャリングした12インチ。アフロビート、ロイ・エアーズやWEST LONDONブロークンビーツを受け継ぐようなゆったり浮遊する洗練のコズミック・アフロビート。オブスキュアな雰囲気のローズと、JENNAのヴォイスのダウンテンポの導入から、メイントラックのブロークンなフュージョニックハウス「Float」。JENNAの神秘的な魅力の「Keep It H 2000」。PEOPLEやBUGZ IN THE ATTIC的なB-SIDEのインストの曲「Future Dance (It’ll Be Ok)」もいい。B2には「?」と記されたショートのトラックもあり。BUGZ IN THE ATTICのAFRONAUGHT ,RHYTHM SECTIONのBRADLEY ZERO, HENRY WU, OSUNLADEなんかもサポートする一枚。 (サイトウ)

It's a captivating encounter when a producer of relative anonymity bursts onto the scene with an exciting and engaging release, that you're drawn back to again and again, wondering how you've never heard of them before. Porto producer Pedro, & Washington DC vocalist Jenna Camille have achieved exactly that with this first release on the mighty Wolf Music Recordings.

The influences from jazz though to soul, RnB & broken beat are weaved deep within this record. You're drawn in from the off with an intro of stripped back pianos behind an emotional spoken word monologue from Jenna, before it opens up into a beatsy, RnB infused groove.

Having pulled you in 'Float' hits you with a richness of synth textures, layers of broken beats and dreamy chords alongside Jenna's "float" mantra hypnotising you deeper and deeper. Reaching the last section of the track though you're woken from that hypnotic groove with a switch to a raw and energetic breakbeat sure to get any crowd moving.
'Keep It H 2000', the final track on the A side, has a real flavour of Fatima to it emanating from Jenna's blissful vocals - laid over the top of sustained Rhodes, weighty synth lines and dynamic drums.

Flip it over and there's a tougher intensity to 'Future Dance (It'll Be OK)', coupling rhythmic stabs with jazzy chord progressions, laced behind a groove that wouldn't be out of place lighting up the floor at a Co-Op night.

To close out the e.p. you're given a sensory overload through Jenna's staggered, overlaid vocals panned to come at you from every angle - it's the perfect outro to both stun you and leave you wanting more. And if this extremely well-polished, first key release is a sign of things to come, Pedro's name will be becoming a lot more familiar in years to come.

Support from Afronaught (Bugz In The Attic), Bradley Zero, Henry Wu, Lefto, Atjazz & Osunlade

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