• 12inch

Mister Wong (2023 Repress)

  • Cat No: ISLE 006
  • 2023-09-04


12inch 2690 JPY

2023リプレス!レフトフィールド/バレアリックなクラシック素晴らしい再発を続ける、ISLE OF JURAからフランス産82年のシンセポップBELLA VISTA。

MICHAEL ZILKHAとともにZE RECORDSを立ち上げ、数々の名曲を産むプロデューサーMICHEL ESTEBANのワンオフ・プロジェクトだそうです。プロデュースにはGARÇONSのERIC MELONの名も。 (サイトウ)

Bella Vista was a one off project from Michel Esteban, founder of seminal New York Disco/Electro/New Wave imprint ZE Records. Originally released in 1982 ‘Mister Wong’ is a Pop oddity that sits between French Synth Pop and Leftfield Disco. The 12” includes the sought after Disco Dub version that lets the bassline work its magic alongside some heavy dub delays, on the flip Jura Soundsystem provide an extended version with added live percussion.

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