• 12inch

Cosmic Trigger

  • Cat No: MC045
  • 2020-05-28


12inch1690 JPY

スローテクノ、モダン・エスニック、サイケデリック、レフトフィールドなダンスミュージックをリードするTHOMAS VON PARTYとDREEEMSのレーベル〈MULTI CULTI〉からGOLDEN BUGの新作。

エレクトロニック・ダンスの名門Gommaでキャリアをスタートし、パリ、バルセロナを、拠点に自身のLa Belleも主宰し10年以上にわたりリリースしているGOLDEN BUGが、MULTI CULTIから新作リリース。70sカウンターカルチャー、オカルティズムの作家ロバート・アントン-ウィルソンがLSDの精神作用について語ったスピーチを使った「Cosmic Trigger」(sample2)を筆頭に、Krikor (sample3)、Marc Pinolのリミックスも含む5曲、それぞれ様々なDJがフィードバックを寄せています。奇型のサイケデリック。 (サイトウ)

Track List

Golden Bug drops four slabs of illuminati science on Multi Culti. Designed to illicit rapid brain-change on the downtempo dance floor, this is Chug-lorica of the highest order of pyramid power, an advanced exploration of occult psychedelia, alternate linguistic realities, cosmic triggers to unlock deeper meanings and higher truths. ‘Cosmic Trigger’ features a speech about LSD de-fragmentation, the title referencing Robert Anton Wilson’s vision of mental illumination. ‘Tamba’ reprograms the linguistic cortex, featuring the vocal talents and lyrical codex of Viktoria Wehrmeister. While ‘Yama’ deepens the proceedings to the point where one questions the very foundations of life.

If this all sounds too psychically challenging for a peak time party DJ set, take comfort in the supremely playable acid antics of the ever reliable, Marc Piñol. Subdued ecstatic house, this remix perfectly reflects those rare moments of MDMA-bliss where one’s heart is FULLY open while one’s dignity remains intact. Clearly a producer you can count on when you get high and still want to dance.

Ordained drum-machine funk-monk Krikor smashes Yama into a post-Anthropocene Jamaican dancehall where cyber-dreadlocks connect mankind to ORICOM, the Gaian matrix. To be featured in the rave scene in the upcoming MATRIX feature film starring Keanu Reeves and Richie Hawtin as The AI.

If that package couldn’t sell itself, then the splendid psychedelic frame of artwork that Ventral is Golden created will surely catch eyes and lure in listeners with the inclination to re-align and reach their highest potential as listeners in absolute union with music.

DJ Feedback:

2ManyDJs (oliver twist's PA) - Cosmic Trigger - great

Mano Le Tough - Yama (Krikor Remix) - Excellent stuff!

Busy P - Cosmic Trigger - Another brilliant release from MC!

Tim Sweeney (Tim Sweeney, Beats in Space) - Tamba (feat. Viktoria Wehrmeister) - Nice one

Tim Paris (Tim Paris / It) - Tamba (feat. Viktoria Wehrmeister) - Brilliant music, loving these tunes a lot !!

Christian S (Comeme) - Cosmic Trigger - I feel enlightened. Thank you

Alli Tiefshcwarz - Cosmic Trigger (Marc Pinol Remix) - im loving it !!

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