• 12inch

Every Step Ep

  • Cat No: ATMV074
  • 2020-02-06


12inch1690 JPY

ダビー、電子音楽のエンターテイメント。中国系の血を引くデュッセルドルフ生まれ、ミュンヘンをベースにしている若きプロデューサーSAM GOKUのニューリリースが素晴らしい!ATOMNATIONから。

モダン・プログレッシシヴ・ラインとヴィンテージなクラシック・スタイルがミックスされたアンビエント・ハウス、テクノ、じっくりユニーク、スピリチュアルな領域に踏み込む良いトラックス。ATOMNATION。この辺りも良いリリースが続きます。 (サイトウ)

Track List

Sam Goku is Robin Wang. Based in Munich, he's writing techno music that has bonds with ambient, acid, and house.

It seems like every time that dancers and listeners start craving for a new challenge, a new inspiration, there is an artist not only providing that, but furthermore questioning what we think we know about club sound. It's always a satisfying experience when an artist manages to actually create a modern sound by implementing what makes electronic music so dearly appreciated amongst enthusiasts: repetition, blended noises and just a pinch of cheeky, unexpected madness.

Sam Goku does exactly that - his music tells a slowly developing, gripping tales that leaves enough room for interpretation.

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