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Pull / Push

  • Cat No: IML014
  • 2021-11-01


12inch ---- JPY

エストニア、タリンの次世代を担うRUUTU POISS。AJUKAJAの〈PORRIDGE BULLET〉からもリリース、実験的でユニークなエストニアのシーンで注目したくなるアーチストの一人。新作!

〈LEVELS〉や〈INTERNATIONAL MAJOR LABEL〉のリリースでとても気になる存在だったRUUTU POISS。 〈PORRIDGE BULLET/PUDRU KUUL〉のオムニバスへの参加に続いて〈INTERNATIONAL MAJOR LABEL〉からニューシングル。コンテンポラリー・テクノ、レフトフィールド。ユニーク、ダンスフロアチューン。 (サイトウ)

Ruutu Poiss returns to International Major Label with two evolutionary,
spacetime bending dance floor hitters.
The Estonian sound artist revisits the psychedelic approach used for his first 7" release on the label (Halli / Uttu, 2016), expanding his refined palette with the use of modular synthesizers.

Pull / Push holds extraterrestrial, contemporary techno music. Off-kilter, but very effective.
These two powerful gems could easily be described as 'heavy' or 'weighty', but that seems very unfitting here. Where Pull immediately entraps us in a soaring vortex, Push takes a long intro
to launch us hard into a compelling stratosphere.

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