• 12inch

Somewhere Else / Nu-tronik

  • Cat No: ACOLOUR024
  • 2022-04-05


12inch1790 JPY

マニアックな90sテクノの再発に着手している〈A COLOURFUL STORM〉から後に〈TOUCHIN' BASS〉や〈PYRAMID TRANSMISSIONS〉等でリリースするAndy Jaggers (ADJ)たちによるトリオ3 ElementsとフランスのTevatronのカップリング再発。

UKの90s エレクトロニカライン、3 Elementsの1996年の自主レーベルからのシングルB面曲「Somewhere Else」と、ベルギーのテクノ、ビックレーベル〈RE-LOADED〉から1998年にりりーすされたこちらもシングルB面曲。 (サイトウ)

Track List

3 Elements was a trio of UK producers who self-released ‘Somewhere Else’ in 1996. Their small discography shines amongst peers such as B12, Stasis and Nuron in ’90s electronica. One of the members, Andy Jaggers, has continued to release on Touchin’ Bass (Andrea Parker), For Those That Knoe (Derek Car, Carl Finlow) and his own label Pyramid Transmissions. Tevatron released ‘Nu-Tronik’ in 1998 on legendary Belgian label Re-load Records (Acid Kirk, Cold/Isar Logi Arnarsson) and has continued to release on Metrohm. Eternal electronics selected by A Colourful Storm. Edition of 250 with hand-stamped reverse-card sleeve.

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