• 12inch

Oolong Trance (Incl. Telephones Remix)

  • Cat No: LOTR022
  • 2023-05-15


12inch ---- JPY

ベルリンを拠点にワールドワイドに活躍するOPAL SUNN、レーベル〈PLANET SUNDAE〉主宰の一人ALEX KASSIANが〈LOVE ON THE ROCKS〉から12インチリリース。好調のTelephonesからのシングル!DISCOGSでも万越えの値段がついたりしているParadise mix。

京都出身のALEX KASSIANの新作!ウーロン・トランスと名付けられらたディスコ・トランス、2バージョン。RUNNING BACK, LIVE AT ROBERT JOHNSONあたりとも同調するようなモダン・アシッドサウンド。B2にはTelephonesのリミックス(SAMPLE2)も収録!こちらもごりっとしながら電子音と鍵盤の魅惑、いいリミックスです。 (サイトウ)

Alex Kassian steps up for his first solo 12″ on Love On The Rocks with ‘Oolong Trance’, a driving, tropical-tinged uplifting acid trip in ‘Club’ and ‘Paradise’ mixes and a supercharged ‘ADHS’ mix from Telephones.

Kassian is no stranger to the label, which celebrated its fifth birthday last year with the 4-part ‘Supergau’ compi-lation that opened with Kassian’s ‘Chopstick Romance’. He also remixed Ghost Vision in 2018 on their Love On The Rocks debut, ‘Shakuhachi’.

Young Kassian from Kyoto, who has the silkiest hair in house, has recently been enjoying success alongside his longtime collaborator Hiroaki OBA as Opal Sunn, taking their live show on tour around Europe and Asia with stops at Field Maneuvers in the UK and Panorama Bar in Berlin. Their first releases on their own imprint, Planet Sundae, got the attention of the late Andrew Weatherall (RIP) and early support from the likes of DJ Sprinkles and Nick Höppner, who released their last two EP’s on his label, Touch From A Distance: ‘Parallax’ in late 2018, and ‘Laika’, earlier this year.

As well as being Kassian’s debut on the label, ‘Oolong Trance’ is the first Love On The Rocks record for 2020, so, what’s in the tea?

The Club mix is classic Kassian: big kicks, driving percussion, swirling pads, a tropical sunrise, a celestial or-gan and a large dash of acid. The Paradise Mix is what you get when you let it brew a couple seconds longer: off the charts trance levels and Alex delivering some truly ecstatic piano work, channelling the spirit of a young George Michael, truly intoxicated on the Oolong drank.

Telephones also delivers a hell of a brew, with his 9-minute, 90s house and garage inflected ‘ADHS’ remix tak-ing the keys off in yet another direction and delivering a energetic, Chicago-inspired oddball rework with hints of Detroit an

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