• LP + DL


  • Cat No: SE009LP
  • 2020-11-26



【推薦盤】ドローン、微音音楽、フィールドレコーディング。かすかな情景。覚醒へと導きます。重要なのは情景では無いかも。共振。そして圧巻の展開。A-SIDE、「Library(20:20)」とB-SIDE「Two Things(14:05)」 。エリアン・ラディーク、『4分33秒』、CARETAKERS、ツァイ・ミンリャンの音など好きな人は是非。

最初は完全無音だと思います。全ては音楽です。テキサスの女性音楽家クレア・ルーセイ。フリーインプロのドラマーによるフィールド・レコーディイングをベースにした作品。今作で初めて出会いました。録音場所や、建物の寸法と共振周波数に合わせてピッチ設定した2つの正弦音のことなどが英語の解説の中に書かれています。A-SIDEを丸ごと試聴にあげています。本年度聴いたレコードの中でもトップクラスに印象深かった一枚。エリアン・ラディークに匹敵するような引力。ストックしました。 (サイトウ)

Claire rousay has been exploring the sensitivities of sound always in relation to "the self" and "the other", equally. Her work is always seen as a contribution, as engagement. Recording, collaging and composing become acts of considering, remembering, giving. Therefore music becomes a context, or more precisely, a habitat. But what does it say about this music when the artistic choice goes deeper, when it is not only an urge to express but to find oneself? When there is more to communicate, to connect to than a "musical work"? This new record features two attuned location-based Hörstücke that sit somewhere between conceptual composition and magical realism. Library is a site-specific piece recorded at, and played back to the halls of the Central Library in San Antonio, Texas. A meticulous recording of social against functional space. Mixing a live microphone feed through a pair of loudspeakers and accompanying it with two sine tones pitched specifically to the building’s dimensions and resonant frequencies, rousay is blending architectual space and human interaction into one curated arrangement. On the opposite side, Two Things acts as a transient dream sequence, an elusive mise en scène. It provides a sense of location so familiar yet very disorienting. A (re)introduction to a periphery state, a fictional truth, an outside world constructed entirely and deliberately from the inside of an apartment.

Composed and produced by claire rousay at Central Library San Antonio in Texas, 2019, and in Ciudad de México, 2019. Mastered and cut by Anne Taegert at Duplates & Mastering in Berlin, 2020.

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