• 12inch


  • Cat No: BROT05
  • 2021-02-01


12inch1590 JPY

BASS、エレクトロ、ジャングル。スティーヴ・ライヒの「Come Out」のループを使った「Bruiseblood」筆頭にFELIX LEIFUR切れてまます!大推薦!!

David & Hjalti名義、BOBBY DONNYやDirt Crew Recordingsからのリリースを経てLAGAFFE TALESから連作のリリースになっているFELIX LEIFURの「BROT」シリーズの最新作。05。A2のゲットーベース「Bruiseblood」は、黒人少年が白人警官によって射殺されたことが引き金となった1964年のハーレム暴動の際の逮捕者を救うための活動の一環としてSTEVE REICHによって作曲された、少年ダヌエル・ハムの証言を使ったテープ・ミュージック名作「Come Out」のフレーズを使用しています。ベース、エレクトロ、ブレイクビート、JUKEやジャングル的な曲、 盟友Frits Wentinkも交えながら5TRACKS。DJ SEINFIELD、CIEL、MOSCA、DUCKETT等々はじめ多くの絶賛の声がよせられている話題作。 (サイトウ)

Track List

The COVID 19 pandemic has given us some time to reflect and bake beats, loads of beats! Our main man, Felix Leifur, has been busy in the kitchen cooking up some steaming BROT heaters during his isolation in the middle of the North Atlantic.

BROT 05 holds five diverse cuts by Felix Leifur with one of those seeing Leifur joined onboard by a guest, the notorious dutchman Frits Wentink, adding his trademark glitched out wonkiness to proceedings.

Mind bending breaks from the inner workings of the isolated mind.

DJ Feeback:

DJ Seinfeld (Lobster Theremin / Endotherm) superb

Danny Daze (Kompakt/Ellum Audio)
This is fresh!

Dave Clarke (white noise radio)
love the first track

Ciel (Discwoman)
honestly super sick!

Duckett (Freerotation/Berceuse Heroique/Wisdom Teeth)
Absolute Monday morning frustration. Am I allowed to tan party drugs at 8am? Amazing release.

Francois X (DEMENT3D / Deeply Rooted / MDR)

DINA (Nachtcrew / Molten Moods / Boarding Gate )
really nice!

Caldera (WNCL / Boogie Box / Patterns)
Great release on Lagaffe Tales as usual. The Frits Wentink collab is my favorite but greatsound design and swing during the whole EP. Big up Felix...

Flore (POLAAR)
super good stuff. Lovin Bruiseblood, will play for sure

Mmm Slinty... liking the club trax too

Oxyd (Intramuros)
Bruiseblood is great ! thanks

Korea Town Acid (Cosmic Resonance)
This is a nice surprise. Quality EP !! Love both Felix and Frits

Significant Other (SPE:C)
Always exciting to see new Felix Leifur – very hard to pick a fav from Brot 5. Listerine munnskol is nuts, Gitarglams really beautiful too!

Cabasa (Eddy Larkin / 199radio)
BROT never disappoints :)

French II (Draaimolen, Intercept, ONSET AUDIO)
Bruiseblood is the one for me! Cool stuff

David Martin (Dimensions Soundsystem) I love these releases. Always something in them for me. tracks, 2, 3 and 4 are my picks this time.

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