• Cat No: PERMVAC208-1
  • 2020-11-22



現行ダンスミュージックに属する、電子音楽のポップなユニークさ。DANIEL BORTZのアルバム、ストックしました。

SUOL やPASTAMUSIK、INNERVISIONS等にもあ足跡を残すドイツ、アウクスブルクのDANIEL BORTZが2013年のデビューアルバム「Patchwork Memories」以来となる2NDアルバム「Stay」。ハウス・ミュージックの聞きごごちの良いサウンドの中に、洗練された実験的な試みや、構成の巧さ、良さが滲む、推薦盤です。 (サイトウ)

Track List

Daniel Bortz, a staple among electronic music producers, returns with his new album “Stay". After “Patchwork Memories” on Suol from 2013, it’s the second album for Berlin-born and Augsburg-rooted Daniel. From his early days of James Blake editing and riding the slow house wave, Daniel has perfected and diversived his production skills over the seven year course between the albums. His range spans euphoric techno, cinematic breakbeats, heart warming electronica and classic deep house, you can witness on his eps for Innervisions, Pastamusik (the infamous Bella Avgvsta trilogy) or even on the legendary DJ Kicks mix series from grandmaster Moodymann, who selected one of Bortz’s tracks on his volume. After his three eps (one with his friend and long time collaborator Sascha Sibler and one under his DJ Hotel alias) on Permanent Vacation, Daniel takes the consequential step and releases his second full-length album with the Munich based label. With the 11 tracks on “Stay", Daniel Bortz evokes his teenage years and dreamwalks through his upbringing during the 90’s. Musically he brings together what never should have been separated: House, Acid, Downbeat and Breakbeat all rooted in the sample aesthetic of Hip Hop, thereby capturing the full emotional spectrum of life and love. Music that came to stay.

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