• 12inch

Not Like That, Not Like You

  • Cat No: WWUNLTD022
  • 2022-03-09


12inch 2290 JPY

DJ PYTHONがスタートしたレーベル〈WORLDWIDE UNLIMITED〉。アナログ入荷しております。ワールドミュージック、ミュータントな魅力をフィードバック!ディープ・レゲトン。マンチェスターのHENZO。ポリリズミック・サウナ・エフェクトと、スポーティーテンションのジム・ヴァージョン「For Your Consideration」も是非チェックしてください。

ANTHONY NAPLESの〈INCIENSO〉からの「Mas Amable」で、昨年最も話題だった一人DJ PYTHONがはじめたニューレーベル〈WORLDWIDE UNLIMITED〉。マンチェスターのヒップスターたちがしのぎを削っているというThe NQでのDJ PYTHONのプレイで、HENZOと出会い意気投合しレーベルのスタートとなったそうです。ダンスホール、レゲトン、グライム、サウンドシウステム。コンピュータライズドなトライバルリズム。移民カルチャー、現行の黒人音楽の先端に刺激を受け、独自の変革を遂げ続けるUKダンス・ミュージックの歴史は更新されています。このリリースの収益は、有色人種やセクシュアルマイノリティのコミュニティを含む全ての人に開かれた、マンチェスターのDJやアーチスト、音楽教育のための非営利のレクリエーション施設The Rec. Centre に寄付されるとのことです。推薦! (サイトウ)

Manchester club lynchpin Henzo smashes the debut platter on DJ Python’s Worldwide Unlimited with a bevy of dembow and garage-bred bangers that speak directly to the city’s transnational dancehall links.

As the story goes, Henzo heard DJ Python plays his beats at the club he was managing in MCR’s hipster warzone - the NQ - and the pair soon hit it off, leading to Henzo now giving Python’s brand new label, Worldwide Unlimited, a killer starting point with ‘Not Like That, Not Like You’; four variations on a hyper-tropic sound that Henzo has been pushing for the last half decade and more with his Strange Riddims raves, whose upfront policy of dancehall modernism - from grime to reggaeton, hard drum and anything-goes Manc pressure - supremely informs his debut EP, proper.

Version for version Henzo confidently fires himself into the forward tier of Manchester producers, striking a heavy vein of mutant dembow-meets-Mahraganat pressure in the acidic bashment of the title tune, before stepping up the ghosted dub dynamic on a driving ‘Less Of That Mix’. The other slow banger ‘For Your Consideration’ revolves a vocal snippet saying “speak to me” - one of Python’s often-used phrases - so was naturally elected to the EP, rolling out a bubbling, sticky dembow-electro groove in the ‘Sauna Mix’, and a ruder UK-styled 2-stepper pivoting off woodblock snares in a screwfaced ‘Gym Mix’.

Worldwide Unlimited is envisioned not only as a label, but a small gesture towards community uplift. 100% of label-side proceeds will be split between the artist and a local charity. Proceeds from WWUNLTD022 will go towards The Rec. Centre in Manchester, (https://www.thereccentre.org) a casual space in which artists, DJs, interviewers and teachers can create, record & hang out. Members of the BAME & LGBTQIA+ communities, as well as people on universal credit and/or benefits, are offered free usage of the space.

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