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Computer Love (Sweet Dreams) / Computer Power

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  • 2022-04-04


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80s LA エレクトロ・レジェンドTHE EGYPTIAN LOVERの名作が〈MR.BONGO〉からRSD、ピクチャースリーヴでリマスター7インチ再発。シンセサイザーミュージック、エレクトロ・ファンクの魅力。ヴォコーダー、マシーンビート。打ち込みなのに、ヒューマニティー、マシーンファンク・マジック。今回のハイライトとも言える JAMIE JUPITORの「Computer Power」未発表とのスプリット。エレクトロ・フェチは是非ともどうぞ。ジャケットの麗しさが音の魅力を伝えています。

多くの現行アーチストが彼からの影響を公言し〈STONES THROW〉からもアンソロジーが組まれるなど、ミッド80sのエレクトロ/エレクトロファンクの最重要アーチストの一人THE EGYPTIAN LOVER。85年のEP「Computer Love (Sweet Dreams) 」、がMR.BONGOから再発です。「Egypty, Egypt」でのデビューの翌年にリリースされたもの。B-SIDEは、彼の弟子だったJAMIE JUPITORによる エレクトロ・ジャム「Computer Power」の未発表バージョン。THE EGYPTIAN LOVERがプロデュースとアレンジを担当しています。 (サイトウ)

The genre, electro (or electro-funk), is sometimes perceived to have a separate identity to hip-hop; however, this electronic cousin was integral to the early development of the hip-hop sound. Drawing on drum machines, such as the Roland TR-808, and influenced by funk, these two genres were intertwined and rode a parallel axis for a while, with rap, breakdance, and graffiti as pillars of the culture and community. The mechanical sound of electro would later go on to inspire a different set of producers and played its part in influencing contemporary electronic dance music. For this 7" release we are taking things back to 1984 and 1985 with a split single from The Egyptian Lover and Jamie Jupitor.

First up is a track from The Egyptian Lover, AKA Greg J. Broussard, the cult Los Angeles-based producer, vocalist and DJ, who is a true hip-hop / electro-fusion pioneer. 'Computer Love (Sweet Dreams)' is a seminal electro-fusion / machine- funk classic that saw a release on the iconic label Freak Beat Records (owned by Greg himself). The original 7" release is now very sought-after by collectors.

On the flip we have another electro jam from The Egyptian Lover disciple, Jamie Jupitor. 'Computer Power’ was additionally produced and arranged by The Egyptian Lover, and was released on Egyptian Empire Records (the label that evolved from Freak Beat Records). For this release we have opted for a special 7" unreleased radio edit, that has Greg kindly provided us with, which differs slightly in composition from the previously released versions. One for fans of Dãm Funk, electro and 80s funk.

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