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  • Cat No: LIES-166
  • 2022-03-09

ノイズ、ロウな808ファンク。ブーティー・マイアミ・ベース。L.I.E.S.からMOIST 96。

HOROSCOPE名義で、ノイズ、エクスペリメンタルロック、ASCETIC HOUSEやACID CASUALTY PRODUCTIONSなどの実験的なカセットレーベル、ブルックリンのWHARF CAT RECORDSからアナログもリリースしてきたマイアミ出身のRENE NUÑEZがL.I.E.S.からMOIST 96名義でアルバムリリース。マイアミ、灼熱の中車で流れるラジオ、808とカセットテープ、ブートレッグ・ミックス、バブリーなクラブにインスパイアされたRAW BASS MUSIC。 (サイトウ)

NYC by way of Miami, Moist 96 is a new project of Rene Nunez, mostly known through the years for his work under the name, Horoscope. Culled together from decaying tapes, bled out and dubbed one too many times over, Nunez took pieces from these 4 track demos drawing back on the music of his youth; Miami bass, freestyle and coked out funk to create this record. The lp being a raw in your face snapshot which is the musical equivalent of a pit bull being locked in a car for hours during a heatwave with the afternoon mix show on full blast.
As the artist says, "

This is not trying to be some jokey-ironic-funny-costume-campy bullshit. It is trying to be on some real illegal pre-internet bootleg rush-hour mix; 808's on blown-out car systems; cassette tapes melted in the center console speeding by Hot Wheels and Club Madonna’s neon signs; pants-shitting bass frequencies, like a roundhouse kick to your chest type shit.

If you’re tired of all this cum fast video game techno you might enjoy this project. And if you don’t, that’s cool, too.

I hope everyone keeps their head up, Releasing music right now can feel stupid and unimportant, but hopefully this record can take your mind off shit for a second and have some fun. Thanks for taking the time and listening. "

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