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The Return of Beaumont Jenkins

  • Cat No: RKDIGI077
  • Release: 2021-03-05


Digital 220 JPY

イタリアン・シネマティック・マスターピース・サウンドトラック「The Black Stone Affair」初復刻LPからの嬉しい7インチカット!!Whitdo Archive GroupによるDavid Axelrodばりのサイケデリックなクラシカル・アレンジも気品エレガントにかっこいい口笛ブレイクビーツ・ジャズファンク名曲!!!全世界500枚限定7インチ。

チカーノ/ローライダーソウル再評価ともリンクするヴィンテージ・モダンソウルの名仕事ぶりリリースの続くイタリア・ミラノRECORD KICKSからのリリース。アルバムにも未収録のサスペンス・スリリング・エレガントなSide-B「La Pietra」(sample2)もナイス。 (コンピューマ) (7inchのコメントから参照)

Track List

24bit/96khz [wav/flac/aiff/alac/mp3]

Record Kicks presents “The Return Of Beaumont Jenkins”, the first extract of the lost Italian Cinematic Masterpiece by Whatitdo Archive Group.

For the first time ever, Record Kicks is pleased to announce the release of the long lost soundtrack by Whatitdo Archive Group: the Italian Cinematic Masterpiece "The Black Stone Affair''. The Soundtrack will be released on April 09 on Gatefold LP, CD and Digital Download. The first extract from the movie soundtrack is the "The Return of Beaumont Jenkins", available on all digital platforms and 45 vinyl on March 05.

Long thought to be lost alongside the movie itself by the production studio, the soundtrack's master reels were recently recovered and its audio meticulously restored and remastered by J.J. Golden in Ventura, CA. The movie itself was understood to be unusual for its time: a globetrotting adventure/western-noir written and directed by aspiring visionary, Stefano Paradisi. Unfortunately for Paradisi, the tragic loss of his masterpiece also meant the end of his short lived career in movies. People who worked on the film have been cited as saying this film was going to be a turning point in Italian cinema and henceforth put Paradisi on the map alongside the likes of Fellini and Antonioni.

“The Return Of Beaumont Jenkins” was supposed to play during the final scene of the movie: “every hero needs a victory theme and ours, Beaumont Jenkins, finally receives his. After a bitter bullet-fueled showdown against Blood Chief, maestro Alessandro Alessandroni Jr’s iconic whistle can be heard across the expansive desert backdrop. Led by driving tremolo guitars and a pizzicato string ensemble, the music dramatically explodes into a victorious piano solo that carries our wounded hero away into the sunset, the elusive black stone in hand”.

While the movie never saw the light of day, the soundtrack by obscure band Whatitdo Archive Group was thankfully recovered. The music itself is staggering to hear and this first track is just a little appetizer of what you’ll be hearing on the LP.

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