• 7inch

Nothing But His Love

  • Cat No: CLMN192
  • 2022-10-07


7inch1390 JPY

COLEMINE RECORDSニューリリース!音楽教育プログラム「Gospel For Teens」に集まった少年たちで結成されたニューヨーク・ハーレムのゴスペルバンドHARLEM GOSPEL TRAVELERS。

Black Lives Matterや米議会襲撃事件などのようなアメリカの現状に対するアクション。パーカッション、クラップ、多層ギター、ベースにのって躍るコーラスの魅力。「Nothing But His Love」。7インチ。Aaron Frazerたちのペンによる「Nothing But His Love」Eli "Paperboy" Reedプロデュースです。 (サイトウ)

Track List

  • A. Nothing But His Love

  • B. God's Gonna Move His Hand

As the world around us succumbs to disgusting hate-fueled violence, folks are looking for answers....looking for a ray of hope. And while it may not save the world, we all certainly help this new tune from The Harlem Gospel Travelers brings a note of positivity in your life. “Nothing But His Love” was apart of our Brighter Days Ahead campaign, the goal being to provide folks with new music while looking forward to better days in the future. We certainly hope this 45 and the stirring B-side “God’s Gonna Move His Hand” can do that!

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