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Lapis Lazuli EP

  • Cat No: PRIM03
  • 2022-10-10


12inch ---- JPY

<WARP>作品のエンジニアを務めるRICHARD BROWNと、PPFでの活動でも知られるベテラン・CHRIS DUCKENFIELDの2人によるユニット・SWAGとして、<JUNIOR BOY’S OWN>や<JUS’ TRAX>からキャリアを始動したのち、TERRY FARLEYとのすれ違いによってレーベルを離れ、自ら設立したカルト的存在でもあった<PRIMITIVE>レーベルの3番「Lapis Lazuli EP」、リマスター再発!



25 years after this cult UK label first emerged, we're very happy to present some of their most sought after releases, in remastered and hand-stamped form for a new generation.
Primitive represented a stripped down and sonically heavyweight series of essential DJ tools, winning wide support from Techno an House DJ's alike & enduring - perhaps due to their raw, basic construction - way beyond their original inception.
Despite serious demand, we will only be able to access limited quantities of these special 21st century repress editions, so buy or cry !

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