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Save My Day (Incl. Dj Python Remix)

  • Cat No: PH104
  • 2021-06-29


12inch ---- JPY

PHANTASY SOUNDからポーランド生まれ、ロンドン在住のエクスペリメンタルアーティスト、PYTKOのファーストリリース。DJ PYTHONのリミックスを収録!

This Mortal CoilやDead Can Danceのようなアウトサイダー精神に溢れたギター、彼女のパーソナルでユニークな歌。当店的にはDJ PYTHONのリミックス(sample1)一推し。ゆったりとリズミック、言葉のイマジネーション漂うように進行していきます。 (サイトウ)

Phantasy is proud to introduce the first release from Polish-born, London-based experimentalist, PYTKO. ‘Save My Day’ and ‘Wife’ offer a tantalising introduction to a unique sonic world, remixed delicately by DJ Python.

Bristling and vulnerable, ‘Save My Day’ is an aching internal monologue reborn as a haunting melody. Led by guitar in the outsider spirit of This Mortal Coil or Dead Can Dance, PYTKO’s compelling vocals invite listeners to lean further in, conjuring dream pop textures within her personal but ambiguous songwriting.

A student of sound design and composition for moving images, PYKTO’s approach is more abstract but no less intriguing on ‘Wife’, a cryptic story told through ghostly sonics, establishing a sensibility somewhere between DIY indie and futurist pop visions.

One of the most creative and singular electronic musicians in recent years, DJ Python builds on his recent acclaim with a spectral and sensitive rework of ‘Save My Day’. Suspending PYTKO’s vocals atop a weightless bed of dreamlike percussion, the New York producer pushes his signature ‘deep reggaeton’ style to its psychedelic finest.

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