• LP

Sky Islands (Record Store Day 2021)

  • Cat No: LPHRSD21
  • 2021-07-01


LP2490 JPY

JACQUES RENAULTのRSDリリース。DJミックス、メガミックス・スタイルのアルバム。

Jacques Renaultの3枚目のフルアルバムは、深夜ラジオのメガミックスのフォーマットでのサウンド探求!このアルバム「Sky Islands」は、つぎつぎとにカットされるDJの感覚と、レコードをディグし、ドラムを刻むディスコ・ケミストの能力とを融合させ、パステル調のパーティーを再現! (サイトウ)

Track List

  • A1. Good Times

  • A2. Fabulous Ping Pong

  • A3. Jean Sefunk

  • A4. NVR

  • A5. My Left Foot

  • A6. The Bump

  • A7. Jam On It

  • A8. Lookout Rhythm

  • A9. Play That Sing

  • A10. Torrid Drums

  • A11. Got That Boing

  • B1. The New Beat

  • B2. The People Groove

  • B3. Say You

  • B4. Lost It

  • B5. Bread and Jam

  • B6. Larry Lenore

  • B7. Party Party

  • B8. High

  • B9. Wellness and Bad

  • B10. You Can't Hide Your Love

  • B11. Plays Higher

  • B12. We Are The Freaks

For his third full-length album, Jacques Renault explores his craft through the format of the classic late-night radio megamix. It's a tour de force that finds him blending his quick-cutting DJ sensibilities with his crate-digging, drum-chopping disco-chemist bonafides into one wham-bam party of pastiche.

This is Renault as we know him—but at hyperspeed, tearing through twenty-
three tracks in under half an hour. And while it's a head rush of his trademark

funky drums, sassy horns, playful synths, it's arranged as an album, with
songwriting and structure at the fore.
Imagine it as a flip on the script for Renault's most loved club 12-inches of the
past, which luxuriate in long-form, stretched-out grooves that burn for hours, fills
that ride for days. Instead of on pulling a thread for six, seven minutes, he
romps around in a bouncy ball pit, plucking out whatever captures his
imagination for a moment, then diving back in to discover another buried
nugget. It's Jacques Renault as we've always known him, but this time through
a suite of bite-size vignettes instead of slow-burn grooves.

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