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  • Release: 2021-07-02
  • 2021-07-27


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伝説のPORTER RICKSでの仕事はもちろん、ソロでも最も影響力のある現代的ミニマルミュージックのコンポーザーとも言われるTHOMAS KÖNER。彼のベストワークとも言われる1997年の「Nuuk」。こちらもアナログ再発。素晴らしい世界。

UK BIG CATからPAULINE OLIVEROSや灰野敬二たちのNIJIUMU、PAUL SCHÜTZEの4アーチストによる4CD「Driftworks」の一環としてリリースされのちにMILLEPLATEAUXMEDIAからCD+DVDで単独リリースされている「NUUK」が初のアナログ化。北極圏を何度も訪れている彼がグリーンランド最大の都市NUUKをテーマに構築。 (サイトウ)

Thomas Köner is one of the most influential modernist minimal composers. Alongside Wolfgang Voigt’s “Gas” project, Köner has been centrally responsible for electronic music’s fascination with depth and reduction. His signature sound is vast, seemingly endless, which at first seems homogenous and infinite, but once exposed to it, when our senses calibrate to the fine nuances of changes, we discover and immerse into abundance of textures, richness of modulations and almost infinite range of sonic titilations. Köner’s work was inspired by his frequent travels in the Arctic, and listeners feel his music as a journey to mysterious worlds of the Arctic region. The experience of being exposed to the extreme cold, the hightening of our senses and ability to notice even the slightest changes in color, sound, light or density that creates this dangerously reductive environment, is like an immersion in the sonic world of this German artist, where masterfully crafted layers of sound open into colossal spaces, teeming with aural life, waiting to be discovered by those who venture into it. The titles of Köner’s highly regarded albums from the 90’s ever so often play with this affinity - Nunatak, Permafrost, Teimo - all reference to the world of the Artic region, just as his album Nuuk that points us to the capital of Greenland. Subdued and minimal at first glance, this album is brimming with low-end frequences, shadowy resonances and boreal ambience, but at the same time, constant fluctuation and vulnerability of sonic events, makes it very

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