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Raise It Up b/w Space

  • Cat No: BCR117lp
  • 2023-08-02


7inch ---- JPY

〈BIG CROWN〉から、10年以上に渡って活動するもドイツ出身Mocambo周辺のメンバー覆面、絶妙な名曲カバーが最高なスティールパン・バンドTHE BACAO RHYTHM & STEEL BANDの2021年EP!

A-SIDEはJ DILLAプロデュースのSLUM VILLAGE 「RAISE IT UP」。曲の憂いとスティールパンやドラム、バックの翳りのない音色のバランスが絶妙。BUSTA RHYMEのクラシックス「WOOHAH GOT YOU ALL IN CHECK」のサンプリングソースとして知られるGALT MACDERMOT「Space」。 (サイトウ)

Track List

  • A. Raise It Up

  • B. Space

On the A side they take on the J DIlla produced Slum Village club banger "Raise It Up" and give it the BRSB treatment. SV fans will lose their shit when this comes on. Heads will be nodding from the first beat of the opening drum break and when they start playing the top line on the pans it's a wrap. Now that they have your attention they take the tune and expand on it changing the arrangement and lacing it with brass and guitar parts that keep pushing the tune to higher and higher levels of energy.
The B finds BRSB taking on the infamous Galt MacDermot tune "Space". Made famous in the hip hop world when it was sampled for Busta Rhyme's classic "Woohah Got You All In Check" it is about to receive another boost from Bacao's version. Both sides of this 7" are going to be mainstays in DJ sets for years to come.

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