• 2LP

Generation Loss

  • Cat No: LIES-169
  • 2022-04-05


2LP4190 JPY

RAWなハードウェアサウンドをベースに、さまざまな名義を使い分け、〈L.I.E.S.〉、〈FUTURE TIMES〉はじめ多岐にわたるリリースで知られるSTEVE SUMMERSのアルバム。

シカゴをベースにUSアンダーグラウンドシーンで暗躍してきたJason Letkiewiczのおそらく最もリリースの多いメインのプロジェクトSTEVE SUMMERS名義でのフル・アルバム。シカゴハウス、アシッド、インダストリアル、80sのDIYな実験音楽、カセットシーン、スケートカルチャーなどのサウンドとスピリッツを受け継ぐ12 tracks。RAWな美学。 (サイトウ)

Steve Summers delivers his long anticipated debut double lp for L.I.E.S. Stepping up with 13 tracks, Summers goes across the board exploring all ends of the long lineage of Chicago House music. As a member of Mutant Beat Dance with Traxx and Beau Wanzer or under his Rhythm Based Lovers alias Summers has always managed to tread the line between classic Chicago styles and modern psychedelic Jakbeat floor beaters. On the aptly titled "Generation Loss" we get the the full spectrum; from the old school 80s acid of "Who Knows" to the long form lysergic blackhole of "Boxed In" or the dx funk of "Unknown Origin" Summers cements his signature style which he has refined over years throughout this LP.

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