• 12inch


  • Cat No: AWK003
  • Release: 2021-10-15
  • 2021-10-21


12inch1790 JPY

J.WILTSHIRE, YUSHH, PUGILIST, LÃRRY。ベルリンのパーティー〈AWKWARDLY SOCIAL〉がスタートしたレーベルから、BEN UFOもサポートした第1弾AroentのリリースやObjektたちがDJサポートのLårryのソロに続いて、第3弾4者によるオムニバス形式の12インチリリース。

レーベルのAwk002でもリリーしたLÃRRYがまずすばらしい。極彩色のデジタル、リズミックなテクノ傑作LÅRRY(sample3)。未来的世界観のエレクトロ。〈WHITIES〉や〈NOUS'KLAER AUDIO〉、〈ZAM ZAM sound〉にも合流するメルボルンの実力者PUGILIST(sample2)のダーク&ダビー、サイファイ・ガラージ。Alma Constructと共に〈SUPER HEXAGON〉を主宰するJ.WILTSHIREのフューチャリスティックなダウンテンポ。Ransom Noteもピックアップしたサイバーパンクなガラージ、ブレイクビートYUSHH(sample1)。 (サイトウ)

Apparently putting out records is just as addictive as putting on parties. Naturally, we are itching for more and it’s about time that we announce our next release. It’s one that we’re particularly looking forward to as for the first time we have the pleasure of curating a various artists EP - and we believe it turns out to be one that we have plenty of reasons to be excited about! From J.Wiltshire’s cinematic ambience to Yushh’s floating wobbles, from Pugilist’s sinister stepper to Lårry’s ghostly glitches, every artist on this EP brings their distinct style and adds to the general vibe and overall great harmony of this record. AWK003 is set for release on October 15th 2021. Much love to the artists contributing to this EP as well as to anyone supporting our continued record label endeavours!

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