• 12inch

Neighboursoul Edits Vol.2

  • Cat No: NBS003
  • 2022-08-14


12inch2390 JPY

Felipe Gordon、RahaanによるエディットをリリースしてきたスペインのNEIGHBOURSOUL RHYTHMSのエディットシリーズに、ブルックリンJACQUES RENAULT登場。

ファンキーなブラスロック、フォーンセクションやギターをチョップした「Magic Rhythm Machine」筆頭に、ディスコ、ファンク・テイストのハウス、グッド・パーティトラック四曲。 (サイトウ)

New York flavoured edits by Jacques Renault in NeighbourSoul Rhythms’ third reference
Top house tunes and a lot of funk. This is how NeighbourSoul Rhythms’ third instalment of edits sound. This time under the stamp of Jacques Renault -currently resident in New York- NBS003 follows in the wake of its predecessor: 4 cuts direct to the dance floor, now cooked with special Brooklyn ingredients.
In NeighborSoul Edits Vol. 2, Renault, old acquaintance and emblem of the North American house scene, dusts off his art of sampling in 4 tracks that take a look back at a time in the America of discotheques, guitar riffs of funk and most importantly, dance.
4 edits from the late 70s and early 80s that confirm the label’s taste towards the oldfashioned sound born in the American continent. The EP begins with ‘Magic Rhythm Machine’, a true 70s disco banger and a prelude to what precedes it on the same side, ‘JFK Disco Dub’: a megafunk cut to be played at late
night hours. The B-side wanders between softer and more elegant sounds. Like ‘Real To Real’ (B1), with that fine and subtle touch of elegance of the North American master; or the B2, ‘Gotta Serve Somebody’, a slow closure, Groovy as hell and a fine line of acid cooked at low revs.

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