• Cat No: P!?034
  • 2021-12-29



BRF名義の2016年の「BRF-KU EP」などで知られるTASHO ISHIが、WARPからのリリースで知られるミラノのLORENZO SENNIのレーベル〈Presto!?〉からリリースしたアルバム「Dentsu2060」のアナログ・リリース。

2019年にデジタルでリリースされたTASHO ISHIのアルバム「Dentsu2060」のアナログ届いています。圧倒的なエレクトロニクス、カットアップされた言葉。描かれる世界。圧巻の熱量に驚きました。現在のエレクトロニック・ミュージックの重要盤。先日の大阪でのライブも凄かったみたい。アナログのマスタリングはDubplate & MasteringのHelmut Erler。歪みの完璧な構図のアートワークのマジックと共にお楽しみください。 (サイトウ)

« DENTSU2060 begins with the re-summoning of Tsuruta Kinshi, the satsuma-biwa player chosen by Toru Takemitsu for his rendition of “November Steps” - a hyper-corporate and hyper-intimate illuminated ensemble piece. SATOSHI NAKAMOTO is a documentary for the Shenzhen region, inspired by J.G. Ballard's "Crash", Satoshi Nakamoto's potential visage, and the voice of the polygonal dragon in the 1993 movie "Arcade". A speediness akin to merikari or digital payment infrastructure's high-octane overload.

WINDOW OF HONEYTRAP belongs to the modern tinder concréte continuum. Chase the rainbowbridge is inspired by Initial D, created through the prophet VS’ vector synthesis, and its therefore intended for drives on the Tokyo bayside. I ALWAYS STILL YAKUZA is a luxury field recording captured on floor 52 of the Park Hyatt Shinjuku. The ambience of the Lost in Translation bar scene, scented with reverb…»

Tasho Ishi is a sound designer, image consultant, and advertisement critic currently working for a major record label in Tokyo. He debuted as BRF in 2016 with “BRF-KU” EP and he is active under the same moniker in the Japanese fashion market as a runway music curator. We are proud to present Dentsu2060, his LP debut, as the fifth release under our “Ten Years of Tomorrow” motto.

In a city where advertising has the leading role, how long can a style resonate? Dentsu2060 is an intricate work, a true to life representation of the city in its drifting vanity. By weaving seamlessly field recordings and melodic light points, Tasho composes an unexpected reflection to the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic ceremony or the illuminated soundtrack of a trendy drama. His 9 compositions channel the voice of his city, offering a new, spectacular world view - overexposed under the artificial lights

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