• 12inch

I'm Still Mellow

  • Cat No: ST018
  • 2022-10-24


12inch 1890 JPY

YOUNG MARCOが主宰のSAFE TRIPからシングルリリース。「I'm Still Mellow」。90sプログレッシヴサウンド、ブレイクビート。

90s Italian Dream Houseから、90sテクノ、レイヴ、アーリートランスの発掘も進める YOUNG MARCO新作は90sサウンドからの影響を反映した「I'm Still Mellow」。B-SIDEはそのまま逆回転で収録されています。 (サイトウ)

An echo through the ages, channelled and tuned by Young Marco. Feelings of tactile, loved-up naivety, transferred to musical waves of colour, rhythmic energy, and hallucinatory aural visions. This is ‘I’m Still Mellow’ and the psychedelic yin to its’ yang, reverse alternative version ‘Wollem Lits M’I’.

Both are imaginative 21st century takes on ‘Mellow’, a long-forgotten Amsterdam-born sub-genre of dance music that took the house template and re-imagined it for Dutch dancefloors in the early ‘90s.

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