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In A Quarry...

  • Cat No: OFFEN 021
  • 2022-07-08


12inch ---- JPY

Len Leise達の〈General Purpose〉のレーベルからリリースした、オーストラリアの実験音楽シーンで活動してきたEx Ponto aka Ivan Mašićが〈Offen Music〉から3曲、20分強のEPをリリース。

SIDE-1は、毒蛇の気配を感じながら、オブスキュアな森の中をめぐるサウンドトリップ「In A Quarry...Far, Far Away」。B-SIDEはミッドテンポのビート、ダビー&アシッドなシンセラインが挿入され、オブスキュアなサイケデリック・ジャム、ポジティヴなエネルギーへと昇華される。ショートのB2もディープスローダンサー。妖力宿るレコメンド作。 (サイトウ)

Australian musician, composer and producer Ex Ponto aka Ivan Mašić has self-released dozens of albums with improvisation collective, Council of Elders, and experimental no-wave band, Wunderlust.

For his Offen Music debut Ex Ponto is constructing an alternative civilization of grace, post-sarcasm and intuitive response.

„In A Quarry...Far, Far Away“ is a 15 minutes long wandering with Joseph and August Norster around The Quarry, Beech Forest, Victoria, Australia, January 27, 2020.
Life affirming „Golden Hours“ is an alternative to the general wait for extinction and completition of a suicide program out there. An ode to the moments when sunlight turns magical.
„Shed 14“ is a personal reminiscence of the legendary club in Melbourne.

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