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Noel Mc Ghie & Space Spies

  • Cat No: COMET116
  • 2022-11-28


LP4190 JPY

あのフュージョン・タッチ、スピリチュアル・ジャズ・ファンク名盤が、Tony AllenやDoctor Lなどのアフロビート&ブロークンビートのキーパーソンの作品を紹介する素晴らしいレーベル〈Comet〉からリイシュー!!

ジャマイカ生まれ、イギリス育ちのドラマーNoel Mc Ghieが、75年にフランスのカルト・プライベート・レーベル〈Disques Esperance〉から当時ごく少量でリリースされた唯一のフルアルバム。日本が誇るトランペッター沖至や、後のアフロ・モダンジャズ・レア名盤 「LONGINEU PARSONS」にもピアニストとして活躍したGeorges Edouard Nouelがエレピで参加。それぞれの美しくエモーショナルなソロパートは必聴。ダークなブレイクビーツ・ジャズ「Trapeze」からスピリチュアル・ジャズ・グルーヴ「Dancer」や「Mademoiselle Tuloch」まで駆け抜ける全5曲。 (AYAM)

Born in Jamaica but raised in the UK, Noel McGhie is one of those unsung heroes the music history if full of.
Living in Paris during the early 70s, he became one of the most sought
after drummers of the vibrant local Free Jazz scene of that time, playing
and recording with the genre’s biggest legends such as Francois Tusques, Steve Lacy, Archie Shepp, Anthony Braxton or Bobby Few.
He was also a regular band member of famous French protest singer
Colette Magny.
In 1975, he released his first and only full length album with an international line-up featuring Japanese trumpet player Itaru Oki, west-indies musicians Georges-Edouard Nouel (piano) and Louis Xavier (bass), and Brazilian saxophone player Jorge Joao.
The record came out on the cult French label Disques Esperance
in very small numbers.
Way ahead of its time, Noel’s only LP is a masterpiece, a one of a kind
spiritual Jazz Funk record with a fusion touch. From the dark breakbeat jazz tune ‘Trapeze’ to the deep spiritual jazz groovers ‘Dancer’ or ‘Mademoiselle Tuloch’, it remains a very special listening experience. This helps to explain why the original pressing has become such a solid rare groove classic and always a sure seller.

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